Our Stigma
Sparking mental health dialogue in faith communities!
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Welcome to Our Stigma, a project led by Pastor Seth Perry, dedicated to addressing mental health stigma within church communities. He utilizes writing, videos, and educational sessions to initiate dialogue on mental health stigma. Seth lives well with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder type 1, and he aims to promote understanding and support both inside and outside faith communities.



“In this day and age, people should feel comfortable talking about their mental health diagnosis at church.”

In February 2023, Pastor Seth Perry made the decision to openly share his mental health diagnosis at church. Since then, he has aimed to initiate conversations about mental health and its relationship with faith. His own experiences with a mental health condition, coupled with his commitment to therapy and a healthy lifestyle, have enabled him to effectively pursue his calling as a pastor while managing his condition. Pastor Seth Perry hopes to create an inclusive and supportive environment where individuals struggling with mental health challenges, both inside and outside the church, can find understanding, acceptance, and the necessary resources for healing and growth.